Saturday, 22 December 2012

Continuing the Handbook updates

Just an update on the handbooks. I am looking back through them and adding in content, rewriting sections and continually reviewing them to try to perfect them. 

I have been rewriting parts of the Officer's Handbook to make it clearer. I am planning to add in some content about engineering presets too, though I don't want to make it too prescribed. I think most of the information on the presets will be ideas and guidance rather than specific settings for energy and coolant levels. That way it will give Engineering Officers initial ideas and the opportunity to fine tune their own presets to suit how their own ship operates. I have also included information on giving a status report, and who can and should give particular information. A new contact report will be included within the handbook too, detailing a manoeuvre that saved a station and eliminated two heavy enemy fleets. 

Extra sections are being added to the Tactical Handbook too. I wanted to add information about how to operate a fleet of ships commanded by an Admiral, but I still need to put more thought in to how it would all work. At the moment I am focusing more on the Division tactics section, coming up with ideas for formations and patterns of attack. Formations were included in the preliminary release of the handbook, however I decided to remove them as they needed refining first. At the moment I have written up one complete formation, trying to keep it relatively simple and clear. It details the position of ships, the role different ship types should play, fall-back procedures and how to coordinate fire.

That's all for now. I am going to be conferring with captains and crews later regarding the content of the handbooks and refining the ideas further. I'll post more as I continue to update the handbooks.

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