Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Updating the Wiki Pages

Recently, I started work to overhaul the TSN RP Wiki pages. The original pages had a lot of information on them and it was mentioned by a member or two in the community that they were a little overwhelming for new players. I have therefore started making them easier to navigate for new and current members.

I have created a new "homepage" that can be reached from the main Artemis wiki page. The information includes a little about the community, then several links to other pages; Getting Started, The TSN Universe, Officers of the TSN and The TSN Library. Each of these is going to be constructed to make it easier to find out about the RP and find all the relevant documents that any member might need.

The Getting Started pages have recently been completed and details all the most basic and most useful information for new people joining the community. There is a little about how to join up, how the session runs and some information about the rank system.

The TSN Universe pages are going to be updated eventually. They will have similar background information and layout to the current TSN Universe pages. All I will do with them is just give a quick revamp and update any information.

Officers of the TSN pages are going to be specifically designed for current members of all ranks. They will include detailed information about training and promotions, extra background information on the Division, and anything else a full officer might need to know. 

The TSN Library is going to be a single page with links to all the documents created by the RP Community. Included here will be handbooks, training documents, and any other reference material.

In the meantime, I will continue to work on the other training documents that I have been creating. My aim is to complete the Communications Basic Training document first giving the RP Community a complete set of training documents for Ensign level. I'll then move on to the Duty Officer document. Examination documents are currently being put together by other senior officers of the RP. They need to be reviewed, but examinations should soon be back up and running, along with a form of training programme (the basic training documents forming the base of such a programme).

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