Sunday, 6 October 2013

Examinations & Wiki Pages

During the last duty shift, the first Ensign examinations based upon the new training documentation were held. The examinations were challenging for those who took them, but they tested the most essential information that an Ensign needs to know. The process worked well for the Ensign examination, and both the Commanders agreed that it was a suitable way to test new officers.

The examination questions were quite challenging, testing an officers knowledge of systems and roles on a TSN vessel. Although we were not expecting the candidate to answer every question perfectly, we were expecting most questions to be answered to a satisfactory level. After each examination, we discussed the answers given and made a decision based upon how well they had answered, as well as what we had seen of that officer.

With the success of the first examinations, there will be time scheduled to make the examinations more regular, perhaps held fortnightly, or on a monthly basis. It should be possible to examine three to four officers during a duty shift, perhaps more.

Now that the basic training documents have been completed and examinations process established, the next level of documents and examinations can be addressed. These will be the Lieutenant-Junior and Lieutenant level examinations. At this level, officers are expected to begin developing expertise in certain roles. The new Advanced training documents will focus on tactical considerations and more advanced thinking behind the roles; for example, the Helm training document will include details on manoeuvring the ship and tactical choices; the Communications training document will include detail on organising and directing allies.

Testing and training for command roles will differ slightly. At this level, there will be a greater focus on practical experience and coaching from senior officer, looking at more advanced tactical considerations. Examinations will feature less, and observations of the officer will be the main method of assessing their suitability.

I have continued work on the TSN RP Community wiki pages, updating them and organising them clearly. They are almost completely up to date now, however I will continue to manage and alter them to keep them maintained. On the TSN RP Community page, there is a brief paragraph about the RP Community and then four main sections; Getting Started - for new people joining the RP Community; The TSN Universe - giving background detail of characters, systems and technologies; Officers of the TSN - created to provide all the information a TSN officer will need; and finally The TSN Library - collecting together all the documents, handbooks and other written reference material.

Each of these sections are divided in to sub-sections with extensive information for members of the RP Community. They have been carefully presented and organised to make them easy to navigate and find all the necessary information. There are some bits just to finish up, however the majority of the pages are complete. It is my hope that all members will use the pages extensively for reference and that members will begin suggesting additional information to include, or submitting additional reference documents. To ensure consistency in format and presentation, and that information is appropriately organised, the Command Staff will review and format all new submissions for the wiki, before they are added, or authorisation given to them member to allow them to add files and information.

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