Sunday, 15 December 2013

Cronus System and Transfers

After recent patrols in the Cronus system, it would seem that the enemy precense is being steadily increased. The last patrol, conducted by the TSN Osiris, met with a heavy ambush by enemy forces. It is evident that they are now truely aware of our presence in the system. It would also seem that this is yet another system that the Kraliens will claim as their own, and I am in no doubt that they will contact us soon with surrender demands, or demand tithes in order to transit the system. Neither of these are options that I will pursue.

The engagment between the TSN Osiris and the enemy forces means that an escalation in the defence of the Cronus system will be required. The captain of the TSN Osiris and her crew performed admirably, but had to fall back due to supply issues. They did manage to cripple the enemy fleet enough to allow two TSN Destroyers to be depatched and assist in clearing up the enemy forces.

This recent action has promted me to send a request to Fleet Command for additional support in the defense of the system. I have submitted a request for an observation post as well as more Destroyers and Escorts. It is my intention to deploy a forward observation post in the system, acting as an early warning system, as well as a supply post for any TSN vessels operating in the area. I have also requested authorisation to extend our patrols and explore more of the Cronus system in order to find any links back to TSN space, or links in to Hegemony territory. This will give us a more detailed map of our local systems, and will allow a more coordinated defensive plan to be implemented.

For now, patrols in to the Cronus system will be increased and any patrols will consist of multiple vessels, formed in to a battlegroup. I have a number of TSN Destroyers and some escorts already at my disposal, and the addition that number will hopefully increase.

Back on station, the system for tranfers has been developed further. A Tranfer Request form has been created in order to allow officers to apply for transfers between ships. This will allow officers to gain more experience serving under different captains.

Operating on different crews and under different commanding officers is important for officers who wish to advance in rank. Although all commanding officers are trained to the same standard, each one brings their own personality to commanding a ship. Each one has different strengths and areas of expertise and the tranfers allow an officer to see these and learn from them. It will also allow officers to work with different crews, sharing what they know with other ranking officers, and learning from one another.

Not only this, officers will learn how different ship types operate. Currently we have only Light Cruisers and Battleships, but these ships have to operate differently to oneanother. When we have more ship types operating, differences will become clearer too, such as how a scout operates, or how a dreadnaught operates. Although it is easy to know how they work in theory, in practise it can feel very different.

I am hoping, with an easier system for transfers, officers will take the opportunity to move around crews and gain greater experience.

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