Thursday, 6 August 2015

Building the TSN Canon & General Updates

The TSN Canon
Recently, there was a discussion on the TSN RP Community forums about developing the canon further in our group. It is something that really peaked my interest and there were some valid points made. 

When our old website went down and we switched to a new site, we sadly lost a lot of the content that we had posted, though some was recovered. Since then, the canon on our site has been woefully scant. On the forums, someone wanted to know more about the canon and the universe as they wanted to begin writing personal logs and stories based in the TSN RP Universe. From what I understand, it was to be an extension to playing the game, something outside of the normal shift that they would gain enjoyment from. Personally, I thought it was an excellent idea, and the fact we have little canon posted and accessible was something that definitely needed working on. We have a stable group now, good supportive leaders with development group and well established protocols and procedures. With all this in place, and with the discussion on the forum, it seems an ideal time to make a push forward on the canon in our universe.

At the moment, there is a small group in the community who are helping bring together and write canon for our universe. It is small and select, and much of what is being written is away from the main site. My intention is to have a few people help out establish all the major stuff, drawing on and discussing ideas and suggestions from people in the whole community. This is being made available to people who want to write short stories and personal logs, so that they can use the ideas to build into their writing. When these are published, people reading them will be able to get a real feel for the TSN Universe and the lives people lead, without having to trawl through all the canon information written in the background. By keeping the canon stuff off the main site for now, any tweaks or edits can be done without people having to re-read and possibly get confused. Eventually though, when the canon is refined and established, I want to publish it on the main site so everyone has access. It is a process that I hope will help keep things consistent and mean that ideas are well thought out and fit together. 

The canon itself is sticking closely to ideas from the main Artemis universe, but going into much more depth and including some of our own ideas, like the jump points and jump gates. There is information about general life as a citizen of the USFP from the kind of planets people live on, to the diversity of species that make up the member races of the USFP. There is also a lot of detail on life in the TSN, with particular points about being an officer including training, descriptions of a bridge, the kind of computer systems that are used on a day to day basis, living conditions and many other aspects of life. In addition to this, there is a whole host of information written about the technical and engineering side of ship operations, as well as some science/physics about the jump points and gate systems.

General Updates
With the extra time I have over the summer period, I have had the chance to work on the TSN Sandbox. I am in the process of upgrading it to Version 3. The reason I have moved to a new version number is because some of the fundamental workings of the Sandbox have changed. 

The Sandbox now has "edge-to-edge" transitions. Basically, when all the player ships move to within 1000 of the edge of the sector, a transition occurs to a new, adjacent sector. Originally, there were nav points, but in this new version I have opted to go for the edge-to-edge so that a ship, particularly a solo vessel, could set a heading and effectively move from one end of a system to another without having to turn. With multiple ships, all of them have to be within 1000, so it is a matter of moving in formation, or waiting at the edge until the other ships get there.

There are a few new features for GMs too, including the ability to create the odd terrain feature, like minefields and black holes, as well as a radiation source and a couple of supply ships to re-stock ordnance on long range patrols. 

And that's it for now! I know it has been a while since I last posted; I'll try to post more often as things of interest come up. Thanks for reading!

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