Sunday, 22 November 2015

Personal Log - 231115-2236

The Cerberus campaign is finally over, and we've returned to the Promethean system. Its good to be home.

My quarters are just as I had left them. There was no need to take much with me, though it is not like I have a lot to move; a couple of dress uniforms, stationary, this place is pretty spartan. Its how I like it though.

The sight of shuttles and transports buzzing back and forth through the view screen is comforting. I can almost forget the last few months... so many good officers and crew lost... All told, we lost 137 personnel from our division. Looking through those lists of names, sending letters of condolence to relatives, it never becomes routine.

Now that we're back, the engineers are giving all the division ships a complete overhaul and repair. We can finally fix the combat damage properly, rather than the temporary patches we've had to make. The hulls of the Raven is pretty battered and the number of patches and bypasses to systems is pretty high. I am glad I've got the chance to get her to space dock and fixed up.

There has been some talk from engineering about trial runs with new energy systems too. Something about refinement of the denabite crystals or fusion power exchange manifolds or some such. If everything works as it does in the sims, the power plants on the division ships will be significantly more effective. Of course, there's a big jump between controlled sims in the lab and actual live test runs.

Were back to a fairly normal routine now. Command wants the division to pick up the patrols in the Cronus system again. According to intel reports, the hegemony presence across their border regions has been slowly building. There are reports of several resupply bases being constructed in Erebus system and few of the hegemony patrols have been sighted in the Cronus system. At the moment, we are getting more bother from pirates in Cronus, with hegemony forces not straying far from their own gate. Right now, its not too much to be concerned about though, just a situation to monitor.

Anyway, that's all for now. There is a stack of inspection reports to get through and repairs to authorise. Time to get back to work.

--End Personal Log--

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