Saturday, 5 January 2013

TSN Handbooks; What Next?

Last week, I completed the Engineering Handbook and uploaded it to the Wiki. From the comments I have received, it seems that many officers find it a useful document. Looking back on the handbook, I think I have managed to write something that provides a solid foundation for all engineers, both novice and experienced, from which they can effectively work from. I have tested the ideas during simulations and found that they have improved my own management of the engineering systems.

Now that the engineering handbook is complete, I am going to shift my focus back to my other handbook projects, although at the moment I am unsure which one. The Tactical Handbook needs additional content adding to it and some revisions. I want to add guidance for operating a fleet of ships, commanded by an Admiral. The section on operating a Division of ships needs refining further too, however I still need to gather other captains and crews so I can test the principles that I lay out in the document. The original Officer's Handbook is one that I was aiming to continually update (the new Engineer's Handbook will be incorporated within it in the next revision). I have already started the update to a new "Version 2", so could continue to focus on that update. I am intending to re-write the whole handbook, releasing each section as a handbook in its own right. The section on the Captain's role will most likely be the focus if I were to pursue this project, releasing a Captain's Handbook when the section is finished. Other projects that are unfinished include the Ship Recognition Handbook and the Structure and Operation of the TSN Handbook. One is a matter of plugging in data and inserting graphics, whilst the other is more creative. 

All that remains is to decide which of the four I will pursue first.........

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