Saturday, 2 February 2013

Progress of The Comms Officer Handbook

The Communication Officer's Handbook is almost complete and I will be made available shortly. In writing it, I have realised that as Comms Officer you need great strategic and tactical awareness (as well as a little luck) to really fulfil the role to best effect. In a sector with multiple allied ships, a Comms Officer can be an immensely important member of the crew.

Most of the writing has been of a tactical nature, from effectively coordinating allied combat vessels (such as Destroyers) to anticipating the requirements of the ship and organising the production of specific ordinance. From personal experience, I have seen how an effective Comms Officer can influence the outcome of a mission and can recall several instances when they have done so.

As a Lieutenant-Commander, I recall a battle in a heavily contested sector. The enemy had launched a major raid against the sector, and the vessel I was serving on had been assigned to defend the starbases there. Our capabilities were stretched to the limit and multiple enemy fleets were closing on several different starbases. As we were dealing with one fleet and defending a base, a second enemy was manoeuvring to attack a base located a distance away from us. Our comms officer had already anticipated this, and had ordered allied vessels to move in to defend the base. Although some Destroyers were lost, the enemy were delayed long so that we could dispatch the first enemy fleet and quickly move to join our allies and defend the stricken starbase. The base was saved because of the comms officer and the fact that he had maintained an awareness of the situation and planned accordingly.

(Since writing this, I have completed and released the Communication Officer's Handbook on the Artemis Wiki)

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