Sunday, 10 February 2013

Creating a TSN RP Community(Post is out of character)

Forming a permanent crew for the TSN Falcon has presented a few issues. The initial posts about recruiting for the TSN Falcon gained a lot of interest. The problems that occurred were some people wanted to join who could not play regularly, and more than 5 people allied, so had to be turned down. A couple who were successful and joined left soon after due to various reasons (unfortunate hardware issues, things life throw at you etc). As a result, the TSN Falcon has remained in dry dock, and the RP group has not really developed anywhere.

What I wanted to do was begin with a core group on the TSN Falcon, train them and fly a number of missions, promote officers to higher ranks, and eventually have someone who I felt could be promoted to a command rank and given their own vessel. This someone would have to be a regular player, who had learned the playing style of the RP and would help develop my vision of forming a TSN RP community. The problem was, it would take a long time, an people wanting to join would have to wait.

Last night I came up with a solution. I would create a more inclusive RP community and TSN organisation, in which players could join, regardless of their experience or availability. Those who played regularly could eventually serve aboard TSN vessels and progress in to higher ranks, and those who played when they could, would still be able to participate. I have typed up a document and posted it on the Artemis Wiki with all the details. Players will be organised in to two categories  Active Players and Casual Players. Basically, all players join the TSN as Officer Cadets. They are effectively members of the TSN Academy. Officer Cadets are not required to be online on a regular basis, or be part of a permanent crew. They can play along with any other officer on an Academy ship. The Academy ships would be temporary vessels set up by Officer Cadets (although the same crew could play the same vessel week in week out if they wished it).

Official TSN vessels will operate for Active Players only. Initially there will be one TSN vessel, the TSN Falcon. When a position is available on an official TSN vessel, Officer Cadets can apply for the position. They will then undergo an Officer Examination/ Interview and if successful will be given the rank of Ensign and assigned a duty aboard an official TSN vessel. One they have reached the rank of Ensign, it is up to the Captain to determine which officers will be put forward for promotion and Active Players will be able to move up through the ranks. There are several paths to choose: moving in to a command position, becoming a senior officer and being chosen to join TSN command (the controlling committee of the community) or joining a TSN corps in order to develop a particular area (e.g. the Flying Corps, Engineering Corps etc.) Each time a player is put forward for promotion, they will undergo an examination for that rank to see if they are suitable. Members of the TSN Command will form an assessment board to test the officer.

I am also going to begin writing a document on officer 'etiquette' to give details on how to participate in the RP games (e.g. calling people by their rank etc).

I have already posted some of the details, and I am re-writing the RP wiki page and making it more available to people. Hopefully I will get more interest and can get this community in motion.

Captain Xavier (Captain of TSN Falcon; member of TSN Commmand)
The TSN (RP Group document)

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