Sunday, 3 March 2013

RP Community officially launched & Updates (OOC Post)

Well, the TSN RP Community was officially launched last night. Sadly, some people were not able to turn up, so our numbers were a little thin on the ground. I am confident that as more people join, the turn out will increase and the TSN RP Community will begin to grow and thrive. I am in the process of writing up rules and regulations to follow to bring the RP to life, and have had some assistance from members of the RP community. In them there are details such as coming to attention when a captain enters, etiquette when addressing with other members, and how a member's name needs to be set out to include their rank etc. I am hoping that other RP elements will come through from the players too (one member emailed saying his transport was delayed, so couldn't report in on time).

As people have been sending me applications I have been issuing crew records to them and adding their details to a central database. On record, there are now 9 members officially (including myself). These are members who have submitted an application and had a crew record issued. It is my hope that over the coming weeks I will have more people applying to increase the total of official members. The more people who join, the more academy ships will be running. As the RP really begins to get going, officers will be getting promoted as their experience increases (the first Lieutenant-Junior was promoted last night!) and eventually we will end up with other official TSN vessels and more commanders and captains to run them.

To make the whole RP more official, I looked in to setting up a teamspeak server especially for the official RP sessions. Last night I sorted out the server and I have been working away, creating multiple channels or "rooms" so people can move about the channels as if they were moving about different ships or stations. I have created a TSN Command channel in which there is a main room for members of TSN Command, an Examination Suite for officers taking examinations, a court room for disciplinary hearings and finally two conference suites. The TSN Falcon has been created and two sub-channels set up; a briefing room and a command deck. There are also two standard Academy Vessels with a similar layout. Finally, the default channel is named "The Mess Hall" and is a place for officers to gather off duty and chat. It has a side room, accessible only to captains of the TSN called the Captain's Lounge (although it is currently a lonely place!). Anyway, the server will act as the main place for people to gather and begin their RP sessions.

So with most things set up, I am looking forward to future sessions. There are a couple of things to finish off like the Rules and Regulations, but the RP will be running each week now.

The next official session is scheduled for Saturday 9th March. If you want to join check out
the RP wiki pages for all the details or email me at

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