Sunday, 24 March 2013

Promethean System; A New Frontier

I have been assigned to the Promethean System; a system on the frontier of USFP space. My mission is to secure and protect the system, as well as explore neighbouring systems. Along with my own vessel the TSN Falcon and a number of support vessels, I have been given command of several academy vessels and a number of cadets.

The Promethean system is relatively small and is made up of four main sectors. The colony in the central sector was only established a decade or so ago. They are relatively self reliant in terms of their governance, however they do appreciate the presence of our division and the added security it provides. There have been only a few reported raids from hegemony ships, but they have been enough to cause damage and disrupt the colony's way of life. The tithes that the colony pays to the TSN are obvious worth something; well enough to assign a division to protect the area.

On arriving, my first order of business has been to explore our neighbouring systems; Cronus and Volantis. I have already taken the opportunity to explore a sector in the Cronus system. A support vessel accompanied us to provide refuel and resupply, as well as carrying a gate device for our return journey. The sector we entered was relatively quiet. We encountered small enemy patrols in the sector, nothing that wasn't manageable. It gave the cadets some combat experience, although not as much as some seemed to want. It is good that they are eager. The enemy know that we are here now and are expanding our borders, so I'm not sure how quiet things are going to remain.

The Cronus sector we explored seems like a sector worth securing. On the patrol, I was able to identify at least two other potential gate points. The band of asteroids stretching across the sector could also prove an asset. I am sure that Promethean's governor will be wanting to send survey teams to assess mining opportunities.

The cadets that I have been assigned are proving able, although there is still training to be done. There are some things still to go over, such as operational guidelines and standard procedures. TSN Command have also provided me with a training simulator program, and although still in its testing phase, it is proving a useful piece of software. From what I have seen of the cadets, on the patrols and in the simulator, there is great potential in several of them. I am hopeful that some will soon be ready to be promoted to full officers.

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