Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Patrolling Cronus Sector

The first patrol of the Cronus sector since establishing a presence in the area met with heavy enemy forces. Multiple enemy fleets were detected entering the sector. Those fleets took immediate aggressive action, setting course for the automated command post that has been deployed in the area with the intention of destroying it and therefore denying access to the Gateway between Promethean and Cronus. It took several hours and many hard fought engagements before the sector was once again secure. By the end, almost all the supply of ordnance weapons had been exhausted and  the ship has sustained damage to multiple systems. Throughout the patrol, there were also a number of technical glitches with the ship's tactical interface systems.

It was evident from the patrol that the Cronus sector is going to be an area of continual hostile incursions and vessels sent to patrol the area will need to be equipped for long range patrols. The stockpiles of ordnance are also to be increased at the automated command post to allow patrol vessels to deal with multiple incursions.

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