Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Updating the TSN RP Community (OOC)

I have started work on updating all the information available for the TSN RP Community. So far, I have reorganised the Artemis Wiki pages relating to the RP Community and have started combining and updating the information in to one book. The intention is to bring the information together in one reference to make it easier for all members, new and old. Everything in the book will be up-to-date and officially part of the RP.

Why am I doing this? Over the past few months the RP Community has grown and changed. There have been many additions to how the community is organised and how the sessions run. A lot of documents have been created and they need combining together to make a central source of information. Some of the older and original information has been superseded by newer documents, so this one reference document will make it clear what is official and what is not.
The new reference document will contain all the information about the community for people who wish to join and play as a member. Much of the information is already available, however there are a few new ideas and changes that I will be making.
The first major change will be to do with membership. There are those out there who want to help with the community, but are not necessarily play in role duing RP sessions. Instead they want to help with developing mission scripts and campaigns. Previously, the idea was to have such individuals join as "civilian" members, however that kind of membership created a grey area about the role of civilian members and how they took part in the RP session. To address this issue, I am going to create two main membership types; Non-RP contributors and RP players. The non-RP contributors are exactly that, individuals who want to contribute mission scripts, campaigns, GM missions and take part, but not play during the RP sessions, or play in role. The RP players will be as they are now though, having to apply and playing in role during RP sessions.
As a reult of this change, the application form will be altered for RP members, and a process put in place for those wanting to become non-RP members. All this will be detailed in the new reference document.
There will be a lot of other information within the document too, including new session guidelines that were created recently, promotional structures, communications protocol, pointers to other official documentation  such as the Officer Handbook, application forms etc. I am not sure when it will be ready for release, and it will be updated periodically as the community continues to grow. I am sure that it will provide an invaluable source of information for anyone wanting to be involved in the RP community though and will make things much clearer to understand and easier to find.

Oh and one last thing, this whole post is in italics for a reason - because it is written "out of character". It is another idea that is going to be incorporated as part of the RP community to help differentiate between "in chararcter" and "out of character" chat.

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