Sunday, 9 June 2013

New Recruits, Training and true Officers of the TSN (OOC)

The RP community is beginning to thrive and grow as I hoped it would. Applications to join continue to come in regularly, and attendance during RP sessions is growing. The rank system is also starting to come into play more as officers gain experience and improve their skills. There are now seven full officers participating in the RP, all of which are regular and dedicated players. To move up the ranks is not easily achieved, with the officers having to fulfil strict criteria. This ensures that those promoted are dedicated and experienced individuals with an excellent knowledge of their chosen areas of expertise. 

As more new recruits join, there is an increasing need to provide a clear induction for those recruits, bringing them up to speed on the basics of operating consoles, as well as acting as an officer of the TSN. As a result, development has begun on official training courses which can be run on a regular basis. The intention is to run a Basic Training course once a month for all new recruits. The course will be split into two modules; Basic Ops will cover how to operate each console on the most basic level; Basic Officer training will introduce the cadets to combat orders, how the session works and other aspects that apply directly to the RP element. All cadets would have to take the Basic Officer training, however those with previous experience of the game would have the option of skipping Basic Ops should their knowledge already be up to scratch. Overall, the course aims to give all new recruits the same basic level of knowledge and skill that will enable them to fully participate in the RP sessions.

After these courses have been developed, the next stage will be developing courses for specific areas of expertise, such as Helm, Weapons and Science. Courses such as advanced courses in Piloting or Engineering, Command courses for senior officer, instructor training for those wishing to lead courses and so on have also been considered and will potentially be created in the future. An outline of the content has already been drafted for future courses, however they are yet to be fully developed.

I started this RP Community because I wanted to play and train with the best. I wanted to command and be part of crews of experienced and professional officers. Officers who knew their role and could execute orders seamlessly. Officers who develop a knowledge of tactics and strategy, and who follow standards and procedures that allow TSN vessels to operate at peak effectiveness. Such officers now exist in this community, and I am proud to serve alongside them. They are true officers of the Terran Stellar Navy.

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