Friday, 26 July 2013

TSN Live Stream Event

On 17th August 2013 at 21:30hrs UTC, senior officers of the TSN RP Community are going to come together to host a live stream event. The intention is to showcase what the TSN RP Community are about; creating and playing as part of a professional crew. 

On the night, we'll be looking at running a couple of missions with just one ship. We're going to be using the "Elite Co-op" mode so that the enemy ships can be made more challenging, boosting shields, and weapon strength. People watching will be able to see the general tactics used by crews of the RP Community, as well as hear orders and watch how the crew works together to carry them out.

We will be running version 1.702. Although version 2.0 will be out by then, we'd want to get used to the new features before showcasing what we can do. There has already been lots of discussion how our tactics will be able to evolve and become more interesting and complex with some of the new features. 

Everyone is welcome to view. The session will be streamed live (link address will be posted on the Artemis forums, as well as on Artemis Community websites) and a view of the helms console, along with other views including a sector map and mainscreen display will be on show. 

Should this event be a success, we'll be looking at hosting another, but with multiple ships. We have already started developing tactics for multiple ships so that they can coordinate together in combat and would love to show off what is possible in the game.

Come along and check it out!

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