Thursday, 8 August 2013

Back on Station

I have now arrived back at Promethean Command after my journey to TSN Command HQ and Earth.

I journeyed to TSN Command in order to give an update of the Light Division and receive new information about system upgrades to TSN vessels. There is to be an overhaul of the systems interface aboard all TSN vessels. HQ allowed me to see a version of the system interface in the final testing phases, so that I may become familiar with it and therefore able to brief the Light Division on its integration. After looking over it, I can see that there will be a need to organise a few training sessions for senior officer to get them up to speed.

One major change is the addition of finer control inputs to the vertical thrusters. The thrusters themselves need only minor modifications, but the new software will allow helms officers to fine tune our vertical position much more precisely. Combat tactics are going to evolve as a result, and helms officers are going to need the most training in order to adjust their tactical thinking beyond the limited plane we have been using until now. The sensor arrays are also being upgraded on all TSN vessels. Equipment will be delivered to Promethean Command soon, and is designed to pick out greater detail of vessels in a sector; displaying a symbol to indicate the ship configuration rather than the original arrow showing the current heading of the vessel. 

New intelligence also suggests that Hegemony forces are now able to mask their ship signature to a greater extent, and have made improvements to their external sensors allowing them detect hazards such as mines with greater accuracy. Skaraans seem to have been investing a lot in technology too. Many reports claim advanced systems becoming more common aboard many Skaraan vessels, including better cloaking devices and advanced targeting systems.

Now I am back on station, I also have a few other matters to attend to. TSN Command have asked the Division to take part in a live Wargames event, where we stage a simulation to show a TSN crew in action as part of a TSN military celebration. I have already hand picked some of the best officers in the Division to take part and engineers have been working to set up the simulation software to ensure that the event is broadcast for all to view. Hopefully everything will run smoothly. Final preparations are being made to ensure it does. I intend to brief my officers beforehand so they are fully aware of how the event will run. As long as we are prepared well enough, I am confident that we will be able to show the the high levels of professionalism and capability of officers of the TSN and in particular, officers of the 4th Light Division.

I also have to sort out crew assignments. With the promotion of my first officer to Commander and his newly assigned captaincy of the TSN Pegasus, a permanent crew needs to be assigned to him. Currently, the Division has a good number of full officers; enough to create two full, permanent crews aboard the Pegasus and the Falcon. I am considering reassigning several officers to new assignments on the two vessels. This will allow officers to work as part of a different crew, potentially under a new captain, and for me to build up solid crews on both vessels with a mix of ranks and abilities. I'll have to appoint a new first officer for the TSN Falcon too.

Now that there are two vessels running and the process of training new officers is becoming more refined and well established (senior officers are now regularly training new recruits and junior officers), I will be able to shift greater focus upon training commanding officers on how to operate as part of a coordinated Division, working closely alongside other TSN ships in combat. Already we have been trying out new tactical fleet manoeuvres, attacking enemy fleets in pairs using coordinated firing runs and manoeuvring. To see such coordination in action is an impressive sight indeed and demonstrates the true might of the TSN. Operating independently, TSN ships and their crews are a force to be reckoned with. Operating together, and in close proximity, TSN ships and crews are even more formidable!

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